Surrogate: Decommissioning
Iron, Japanese rice paper, wood.
4.5' x 15' x 16" | 137 cm x 457 cm x 40.64

Installed at the Headlands Center for the Arts - a former American military base on Miwok land. "Surrogate: Decommissioning" responds to the architecture of a space designed with interpersonal military and geopolitical hierarchies in mind, a place to surveil the Pacific for an Japanese attack that never came.

Surrogate holds energy that would otherwise be carried by another person(s) or place. The installation acts as a material body available for the transference of tension extant in the history of a site or between people. Surrogate reminds us how tension binds us together or binds us to a site even as we sometimes lean away - in choice, opinion, story or memory.